• Family problems in Hong Kong are becoming more serious and complicated. Numbers of domestic violence, child neglect, double-income parents, long working hours, poverty, single-parent family, cross-boundary students, newly-arrived children, and ethnic minority families are rising.
  • Teachers and principals of kindergartens often need to help counselling children. Due to their heavy work pressure, insufficient support for counselling service, and parents' reluctance to take the initiative to directly seek external help, children may not receive timely support when they have emotional distress.
  • In 2004, CMASS took the lead in establishing in-house family counselling service for its kindergarten in the Tin Shui Wai District, laying a solid foundation for in-house services. By 2011, all five kindergartens of CMASS have fully implemented school social worker services. Currently, they are planning and implementing the "Children and Friendship" preschool social work service pilot scheme.
  • Social workers play a neutral role and collaborate with principals and teachers to divide the work professionally under a double-track system to provide services for families in need.


Service Goals

  • Identify early and assist children with learning, family, social, behavioral, and emotional difficulties, and provide counselling or referral services.
  • Early identification of and early intervention in families in-crisis. Support parents and counsel them on issues like emotional management and parenting, so children can grow up healthily under a stable family environment.
  • Implement parent education activities. Promote home-school cooperation and understanding through parent talks, workshops, and interviews to promote parent-child communication and parenting skills. Strengthen home-school collaboration and communication through parent activities.
  • Provide teacher training to enhance teachers' understanding of counseling work and skills, as well as promote collaboration among different parties to support children in need, thus helping children to solve their problems.


2019-2020 Activities (only for students of our school and their parents)

Children Activity:2019-2020

Children Development Course

Children Activity:2019-2020

Children Case Counselling Service

Parent Activity:2019-2020

Parent Case Counselling Service

Parent Activity:October 2019

"Praise your Child, Build up Confidence" Parents' Talk

Parent-child Activity:December 2019

Pastel Nagomi Art Parent-Child Experiential Activity


2020-2021 Activities

 Parent Activity:July 2020

 P.1 Adaptation Parents' Talk

 Parent Activity:September 2020

"Be the Emotional Coach of Children" Parents' Talk

 Parent Activity:October 2020

"Walk with You" Group for Parents of New Students