Our school establishes the Parent-Teacher Association in September 2001 to promote parenting activities and build collaborative partnerships with parents. We organize a wide range of recreational and educational activities to enhance understanding among parents, teachers, and the school, share experiences with each other, and facilitate friendly relationships, so that the three parties can cooperate more closely and together strive for the best welfare of children.



Committee List of the 22 Parent-Teacher Association


Parent Committee / Teacher Committee


Mr. 林浩昌 (Parent of 林穎詩)

Vice Chairman

Ms.任敏 (Parent of 周予昕)


Ms. 梁安妮Parent of 翟啟妍 / 吳少英文員


Ms. 徐玲玲Parent of 蘇星柏


Ms. 鄒紫妍Parent of 冼韵頤)

Recreation and Education

Ms. 樊美均 (Parent of 文潤碩

Liaison and Publicity

Ms. 伍鳯芝(Parent of 袁彥希)


 Principal Ms. 陳秀賢 /Director Ms. 黃思雅 /Teacher Ms. 李寶蓮/ 

Teacher Ms. 呂英霞 / Teacher Ms. 霍嘉鳳 /

Teacher Ms. 莫泳鏗 / Teacher Ms. 蔡安莉 /

Teacher Ms. 黃健欣 / Teacher Ms. 馮嘉穎 /

Teacher Ms. 陳敏怡 / Teacher Ms.黃嘉瑩 /

Teacher Ms. 李珊姿